Suzanne is a patient, loving practitioner who leads and guides from the heart and soul, rather than from a place of ego, like many therapists do. It is abundantly evident she deeply cares about the well-being and positive transformation of her clients as she gently and respectfully takes their hand and walks with them through their process."

Elana, New York

Suzanne gave me the insights I needed. She gently and with a sense of compassion moved me in the right direction of seeing where I needed to go, in order to move forward. She was fun to work with, and her heart centered approach opened my eyes to a deeper level of awareness that I had overlooked. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an insightful approach to solving problems."

Bee, Minnesota

Suzanne is amazing and has been a huge help to me in defining my career and life goals and adopting tools that work. She really knows her stuff and has a great program. She's very personable and professional, making the whole process very positive. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing a life or business coach."

Monica, Oregon

Two potters at the same wheel with a lump of clay will get very different results. One potter may wind up with a lopsided glob, while a true artisan creates a beautiful bowl. Suzanne is a true artisan. She has the coaching chops and the intuition to get to the core of what is going on with you. She doesn't settle for superficial (nor, daresay, should you). She keeps gently and persistently digging till she hits gold. You can find easy answers everywhere. Effective answers, not so much. When you need someone with the skill and depth to help you discover the effective answers, call Suzanne."

Marla, North Carolina

I came into contact with Suzanne by chance on the internet sometime last year. We had some correspondence and visited her site and read her profile on the site. Serious encounter with Suzanne came in April 2010 when I was offered a free one hour life coaching session. After this encounter I decided to enroll for the 18 session programme. I started the programme in May 2010.

Meeting with Suzanne has brought untold happiness and hope in my life. Just after the first session I managed to entice my wife into the programme. The idea is to support each other in the programme in case one is sliding back. I have learned new techniques to energise me and to make me move forward in my life. The techniques include:
  • Meditation using Divine Power Team (DPT)
  • Scripting
  • Perceptual Shift Log
These powerful tools when used correctly and consistently will help me grow in all aspects of my life. The first three sessions which were done consistently and I was following the instructions made me reach cloud nine. I became very happy and energetic. I felt very nice and all the things which I planned were realised. For instance all my planned trips and purposes of the trips were achieved.

Meeting with Suzanne is one of the most important thing which has happened in my life. First and foremost, she has helped me to find my peace at work and at home. She has also helped to get closer to my wife Happy. She has made us realise that we can complement each other (Happy and Protasio) to realise our goal of helping children with disabilities and their parents. We will do this with love and passion and make a living out of this venture. The biggest challenge is to be consistent in our programme and we pledge that we shall be committed starting 1st August 2010."

Protasio, South Africa

You are the little voice in my head assisting and motivating me to make the changes and shifts that are helping me and being a supportive spouse to my husband."

Happy, South Africa

I can personally testify that Suzanne is an exceptional life coach with the rare ability to apply her intuitive gifts to business as well as personal issues. I felt a strong connection with her from the first time we talked and it's been a true pleasure getting to know her since. If you are considering hiring a life coach, you will bless the day you met Suzanne."

Nancy, Florida

I just want to let you know that working with you has made a positive impact on my life. For a long time, I felt something was missing in my life and I needed to make some changes but I didn't know how to go about doing it. I found your website and knew I was ready to leave my old patterns and thoughts behind me. From our first conversation, I felt at ease and was excited to see where this journey would take me.

Using the tools you taught me and just talking to you has made an incredible difference in my everyday life. At first I was unsure if I would notice or feel the "shifts" you kept talking about but what an amazing sense of accomplishment when I was able to recognize them on my own and they aren't subtle at all. Working with you has replaced the old, unserving patterns in my life with positive and rewarding feelings of self worth, self love and just a better outlook on life in general. I am grateful for your knowledge and encouragement in making me a better person."

Shauna, Virginia

Suzanne is an amazing coach! She has a gentle yet firm approach that will empower and delight you while helping you move to the next level in your journey. Thank you for all you are and all you do Suzanne!"

Jeri, Washington

Suzanne is a wonderfully creative life coach who is able to work with the energies presented to her in a compassionate, caring way. I highly recommend her for anyone who would like to enhance their business or personal life."

Kriss, Washington

Coach Suzanne Rose Lubkowski
Suzanne Rose Lubkowski is a heart-based energy healer, transformative coach, change agent and the founder of Empowering Serenity Intuitive Life Coaching. She uses powerful spiritual processes to help her clients gain self-awareness, deep security and achieve greater balance in their lives. One of her clients said, "Suzanne is a true artisan. She has the coaching chops and the intuition to get to the core of what is going on with you. She doesn't settle for superficial, and keeps gently and persistently digging until she hits gold."

Empowering Serenity, located in the Washington, D.C. area, supports clients worldwide and offers holistic life coaching that allows life-changing shifts and manifests positive outcomes with joy and expectancy. With Empowering Serenity, you can soar like a butterfly, one shift at a time!

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