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Energy Cleansing and Coaching Session (1 session)

This session includes energy clearing, cleansing and balancing of the energetic system, releasing blocks, deep wounds and dense energy. Energy clearing helps to improve your energy, the way you feel, the way you sleep, and your way of doing daily tasks. Other benefits include relaxation with a feeling of clarity and light through releasing toxins and emotions.

Buy One Get One Free: $77.00

Individual Sessions:

Any Issue Session (1 session)

A one-to-one session with Coach Suzanne to address any issue of your choosing and begin to look at solutions and next action steps.



Below are in-depth programs with Coach Suzanne as your partner and mentor using Suzanne's Signature Program for long-term growth and mentorship. The program length is one of the decisions that is made in the Perceptual Shift Session depending on your goals, situation and needs.

Energy Cleansing and Coaching Program (8 sessions)

This customized transformation program includes energy clearing, cleansing and balancing of the energetic system, releasing blocks, deep wounds and dense energy. During this program, you will gain self-awareness, deep security and achieve more balance in your life. You will also learn how to clear and balance your energy on your own, as well as connect to your Higher Self and your personal guides.


The 3 "P"s of Partnership Program (8 sessions)

With Coach Suzanne, you will set intentions and goals to create a partnership in a relationship. In a coaching partnership, you will explore and learn tools to develop Passion, Purpose and Playfulness to create the relationship you want to achieve.


Bronze Program (9 sessions)

Program length: 3 months.

$1,755.00 $1,667.00 (5% off individual session price!)

Silver Program (18 sessions)

Program length: 6 months.

$3,510.00 $3,159.00 (10% off individual session price!)

Gold Program (36 sessions)

Program length: 12 months.

$7,020.00 $5,967.00 (15% off individual session price!)

Group Coaching is also available - please see the Contact page to discuss rates. I'm thrilled to work with a group of any size on whatever your group needs may be. This can be done in person locally or through teleseminar/webinar long distance.

It is important as a client to understand that coaching is not counseling or therapy. As a certified life coach I am trained to guide and empower you to achieve the goals and success you set as your intention. I will provide my skills, insights, mentorship, support and intuitive gifts to empower you to reach these goals. Nevertheless, it is ultimately your responsibility as a client for your own success and achievement of these goals.

Coach Suzanne Rose Lubkowski
Suzanne Rose Lubkowski is a heart-based energy healer, transformative coach, change agent and the founder of Empowering Serenity Intuitive Life Coaching. She uses powerful spiritual processes to help her clients gain self-awareness, deep security and achieve greater balance in their lives. One of her clients said, "Suzanne is a true artisan. She has the coaching chops and the intuition to get to the core of what is going on with you. She doesn't settle for superficial, and keeps gently and persistently digging until she hits gold."

Empowering Serenity, located in the Washington, D.C. area, supports clients worldwide and offers holistic life coaching that allows life-changing shifts and manifests positive outcomes with joy and expectancy. With Empowering Serenity, you can soar like a butterfly, one shift at a time!

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